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If you’re interested in getting a breast lift, there are several factors to take into consideration to determine the cost. Different surgeons charge a different amount, depending on their skill level and experience as well as their geographical location.

The cost of a breast lift can vary a lot depending on the size of the breasts, the plastic surgeon, facility, and a host of other factors. Most prices range between $1,500 and $10,000. To find out how much it would cost for you, you would need to consult with a physician who knows your situation and has examined your breasts to determine what type of surgery would be best for you.

Breast lift surgery is generally not covered by insurance because in most cases the surgery is cosmetic and therefore elective. An exception to this rule would be reconstruction of a breast due to trauma, medical condition or disease. However, your plastic surgeon may be able to offer financing options that will make it possible to pay for the surgery over time, rather than in one big large sum.

How to Determine the Approximate Cost of a Breast Lift

The most expensive fee for this surgery is that of the physician. Plastic surgeons charge for their time to perform the surgery, and in some cases there is a cost for a first time consultation. Plastic surgeon fees vary a great deal, but choosing the cheapest isn’t always the wisest plan. Opting for a surgeon with more experience can increase the odds that your surgery will be successful which can ultimately keep the cost to a minimum.

The facility where your surgery will be performed is another major expense involved in surgery. This fee is generally less than the fee charged by the plastic surgeon, ranging between $500 and $1500.

Anesthesia fees for the procedure as well as medications required before, after the operation, in addition to the expenses for special compression garments and other auxiliary items need to be taken into account to determine the overall cost of the procedure as well. Pain medications and antibiotics will probably be prescribed to hasten recovery following the surgery.

Other costs that will need to be considered include travel expenses and time lost from work. Most women will take about one week off from work, but women who have particularly strenuous work may have to wait three to four weeks before returning to their job. Women who have small children at home may need to hire a sitter to help with lifting and cleaning following the surgery. All of these costs need to be taken into account when figuring up the total cost.

How much is a combined breast lift and breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery?

Many women choose to do more than just a breast lift to get the look that they desire. For example, many women get breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery at the same time as a breast lift, ultimately diminishing the overall cost of doing both surgeries at separate times.

Because the facility fee and the anesthesia and medication fees will likely stay the same and the time off from work required for recovery is often similar if a breast lift is performed by itself or with related breast procedures, women can actually save a lot of money by doing both procedures during the same surgery. Talk with your doctor about saving money by doing a breast lift in tandem with breast augmentation or breast reduction.

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